Beauty of Tanzania

The name Tanzania was created as a combination of the names of two states Tanganyika & Zanzibar, however the name Tanganyika originated from the Swahili words "Tanga" which means Sail and "Nyika" that means "wilderness or uninhabited plain", in general Tanganyika means sail in the wilderness. While the name Zanzibar derives from the local name "zengi" means black and Arabic word "barr" which means coast. Tanzania is home of over 100 different tribes, most of Africa’s languages are spoken in Tanzania including, Bantu, Nilotic, Cushitic and Khoisan. Swahili and English are Tanzania's official languages.

There is probably no other country on the planet that for its culture and magic will stay into your memory this way. Come and learn Tanzania's cultural identity and sports. Experience home living, home staying and home returning.

Spend your time with local villagers and live with them in private house, learn culture of various ethnic groups by interacting with local communities and get to know more about their ways of living, hospitality and religious practices. The most incredible way to experience their culture is by staying in a village. They benefit directly from your presence through, serving bed and breakfast in local families, sleeping where they sleep, wearing what they wear and eating what they eat.

We highly recommend to visit one of the following tribes:


The Hadzabe people are commonly found in the north lake Eyasi in the central Rift valley and near the Serengeti plateau, their life style depends on hunting, highly skilled people, selective and opportunistic foragers. They know how to store their food depending on the  circumstances and seasons. Men are specialised in honey, procuring meat, harvesting baobab pods while women are specialised in tubers, green berries and so much more. Come and enjoy


The Wagogo (Wagogo plural or Mgogo singular) one can visit the Wagogo tribe, one of the numerous tribes that are found in Tanzania. Dodoma is where most of the tribe members are commonly seen. The Wagogo people are always happy, tradition music dancing-loving and agriculturalist. Take a moment to experience and appreciate the simplicity of the Wagogo tribe, the Tanzanian dancing group and the African queens of drums. Enjoy delicious food cooked from the local mommy and get to know all about hand craft, story teller and traditional healing.


The Maasai tribe members are commonly found residing near many protected areas in Tanzania, however their cultural ways of life led them to be in love with nature and live in harmony with wildlife. Visit the Maasai Bomas and learn about them. Really, you will enjoy the mysteries, magic and wonders of Africa.


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