Sustainable Tourism

We as nature friend we do the best to conserve environments to insure our coming generations enjoy the it as we do. We operate tour in responsible manner by protecting environments to lifelong the nature. We do wildlife conservations and preserve nature by always adhere park rules and norms of conduct within destinations. The contribution of wildlife conservation, our safari policy, general norms of conduct and rules we have contribute mitigation of nature dissociation.

Sustainable simply means conduct tourism activities whilst respecting the environments, culture and people, we as tour operator have sustainable tourism programs to support local own, lodge, hotel, local guide and resident

Sustainable tourism programs we do.

Uluguru hiking

One of the sustainable tourism programs we offer, during this safari we will take you through hiking toward Uluguru mountains nature reserve. Tourists experiences local life of luguru people; farming, cooking, conservations, dressing, food and sometimes dancing in their ritual ceremony. Tourists had an opportunity to test local food, luguru story telling, jikoni tour, pots making and mat sewing that can be customized into overnight, camping, staying with local people. This program benefits local people through direct payment, selling their local products and local guide fees. From past 10 years programs like seems to boost conservations as people see benefit of their environments.

Masai family tour

25kilometers from Mikumi national park, we arrange visit to Morogoro Maasai village. Tribal visits provide vital income to help tribal people survive in today’s world. When you’re planning a visit, the most important thing is to ensure that the people you are visiting are treated fairly and that you do not contribute to the exploitation of vulnerable people.

Local market visit

from Morogoro to mikumi alongside the road you find village like Mangae and Melela. Here, there are local markets selling’s local souvenirs. We always stop to visit ladies and tourists buy the products. Money obtained from selling products mostly used to pay schools fees. Remember that when you stop and buy any products from local people there, you help students to achieve their dream.

Maasai cattle market tour

Cattle market almost 50km to Dodoma road, this area is very popular in which every saturday accumulates Maasai from interior who brought cattle’s and goat for selling to wholesaler supplier. Maasai cattle market provide experiences of local trade. We organize safari visit to cattle market to enjoy Maasai barbeque from fresh goat and cows. Your visit and buying even small product it supports local people, lets us arrange your visit if you have free time in Saturday before national park safari tour


  • Wildlife and nature first

    In all safaris we consider wildlife, we take precautions to our esteems customers and always provide them with what is right to do and what is not. Remember that animals are in their normal habitat and they do not like disturbance, take picture appropriate and always listen what your guide said.

  • Respect others

    People widely differ in almost everything they do. Mind that you travel to area differ from your normal residents, you will meet with stranger people either residents or other tourists from different countries. What matter is respect, appreciate what they do not harass them.

  • Consider local products

    Most of our product are local prepared, from the lodge to restaurants you will find local material made from Tanzania. we prefer traditional furnishable products like local chair. We also encourage and use local guide

  • Avoid litter

    Consider what you carry for safari, leave unnecessary items that will contribute to pollutions. Do not take anything outside the park expect photography and leave nothing inside expect your footprint

  • Adhere dress code

    Dress similar or less likely local people, some wearing styles are not common to Tanzania. Wear casual clothes that are mostly cover the body this is traditional

  • Conserve available resources

    Water and electricity are mostly consumed resource by tourists, use it preciously. Turn off water cork after use and always switch electricity devices after using.


  • Using local guides especially when visiting sustainable tourism programs like Maasai village and luguru tribes
  • Consume local products and materials from native people; lodges, restaurants and hotel owned by local people to insure local people benefit from tourism
  • Conduct wildlife safari with minimal risks of destroy and disturb nature, make sure we operate within regulations
  • Minimize environments impacts by using morgen vehicles that do not pollute environments through noise and smoke


  • Partnership with local

    We normal cooperate with other tour operator or any tourism business within a country. We share customers and benefit each other for selling tourism products to tourists.
  • Morogoro miss tourism sponsor

    We sponsor events and functions mostly related to tourism and that seems to impact positively local people. We are part of sponsor to miss tourism that aimed to increase people awareness and conservations of natural resources.
  • Development of local conservation organization

    We support conservation organization through donation and joining fee.



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