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Most of Tanzania roads are roughs especially rural and national parks, only in city there are facilities of tarmac road.

On visiting Tanzania, be aware all national park road are roughs and little bit bumps due conservations purpose, and road connecting to national park are rough as well. So mostly national park safaris involve travel in rough road with dusty, bumps and gravel with have chance of vehicle damage, so get ready on it

With us don’t worry because you will be comfortable in our well-maintained safari vehicles with fair in muddy and Tanzania environments. We have appropriate safari car for rough roads and heavy duty.


We have full customized modern Landcruiser modified to fit national parks environments and Tanzania climates. Our car fitted with safaris equipment’s to maximize your holidays comfortability

Some specific feature of our safari car

  • Pop up hatch, can be uplift during day safari to enjoy animal visibility and allow good ventilation
  • 4x4 with heavy duty
  • Seven and five individual seats with belt
  • Fridge capable of 12Litre
  • Extra fuel tanks
  • HF Radio for guides communication to inform currents availability of animal
  • Socket charge with 220v
  • Bucket seat for each passenger
  • Sliding window in each seat
  • Binoculars
  • Enough back space for storing luggage


  • Our car highly maintained with extensive cares from our driver guide
  • We have regular services to maintains well-being and reduce defect during safari
  • Our guides are qualified mechanics to solve minor problems during safari if any
  • We have regular checkup before safari to insure safety
  • Our cars are well equipped with spare parts to solve any query during safari
  • We are registered with insurance company for safety
  • Our car equipped with fire extinguisher to combat fire accidents
  • We have first aid kit for each car


Apart from national park safari we also offer straight forward car hire, on arranging safari; within a city, from region to regions, town shuttle, airport pick up and drop off we offer multiple selections of comfortable and well-maintained van wit international standard.

Over seven years we have been doing transfer for individual and groups, we have we come with conclusion that its better to use private car rather than public transfer due to fact that

  • It saves time
  • You are free to decide when to leave
  • Free to recommend drive speed you want but limited to local rules
  • Stop over whenever you want during safari
  • Its private and more comfortable
  • More safety for and your property
  • Minimize possibility of lost directions, robbery and stealing your property because you ae with expert driver
  • It can be cheaper if you share as group

Final Remarks

During your safari you will spend most of the time inside the car, you need our comfortable car to make your Tanzania safari more adventures. Contacts us today to arrange your dream safari



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