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Tanzania, a land of superb landscapes and spectacular wildlife, the mountains and the beautiful savannah

Tanzanian people are amongst the most welcoming and approachable on earth. Tanzania is home to some of the most incurable tribal diversity in Africa, home to approximately 120 tribal groups.

The Maasai are perhaps the most well-known of Tanzania’s tribal pastoralists who fiercely guard their culture and traditions

Maasai tribal life revolves around protecting and calling for their herds of cattle. The tribes live in circular enclosures called Manyata where small mud hats surround a secure open circle where their cattle and other herd animals sleep propelled daring the night.


We organize cultural tourism to the Maasai villages which are located in Morogoro too. You can do a day trip to a Maasai village or an overnight stay which is the best way to experience their life style and how they protect their culture.


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